Day One

After sixteen years as a classroom teacher I made the transition to a building administrator or as many of my mentors have jokingly called the “dark side”.

Today was my first “official” day as a school administrator, specifically an elementary assistant principal. As I was walking out for the day I was asked by one of the central office staff how my day went it. I responded with, “It went as expected for any day you sit through a meeting.” Which got me a little laugh. Meetings are more difficult when you return from summer break, especially when it’s the first thing one does before reporting to the building.

I feel fortunate to have many colleagues in my new district that are new to their building and/or first time administrators as we are relying on each other as a team. Throughout the day we discussed how many days our teaching staff will be sitting through meetings. New teachers to the district will be sitting through four days of new teacher meetings in addition to the other scheduled meetings with all staff. About midway through the day one of the other admins popped off, “no wonder our teachers complain this is information overload as my brain really hurts from what we just discussed.” This quote that I read over the summer came to mind

As I begin to prepare for the return of teachers and the beginning of the school year with the building principal I hope I continue to not enjoy meetings. Meetings are necessary, but can be overwhelming. Keep it simple and put yourself in their seat. This way I hope to remember what it’s like to sit in the teacher seat.

I took the time tonight to enjoy time with my eldest daughter and in-laws during dinner. Even enjoyed some time in the pool and a trip for some ice cream. That puts day one in the books. I look forward to sharing my adventure as a school administrator throughout the school year.