Student Names

Learning my student’s names as a classroom teacher was one of my top priorities in order to establish a relationship with each one.  Now in the administrator role for the first time it is a bit overwhelming.  However, I have reminded myself almost daily that I have not had any interaction with any on the 260+ students in the building prior to last week.

The names that I have learned have come from positive and not so positive interaction.  Discussions that I have had with the principal and counselor about students begin to click after seeing the student once or twice and interacting with them.  The ones I am having the hardest time remember are the littlest students who want nothing more than positive interaction.  I’ve tried sayings to remember a few, which has and has not worked.  I’ve tried pairing siblings together, again has and has not worked.  A few have made it into a game for me, which I think they and I enjoy as it creates even more interaction.  I know over time I will have the majority of names down and won’t feel horrible.

Until then I will keep working to better myself and learning a few more names.  The best part has been seeing the smiles that light up each students face when I call them by name.